Mo Sheng Qi ~ ~<<莫生气>>~ ~

I've just learn a new words today and I find it very very meaningful.

As I'm considered illiterate in Chinese, do allow me to put them in hanyun pinyin.

"Bie Ren Qi Wo, Wo Bu Qi,
Wo Ruo Qi Shi, Zhong Ta Ji,
Yao Shi Qi Si, Mei Ren Ti,
Xiang Xiang Hai Shi Bie Sheng Qi"

AS the saying goes:
If others make u angry and you are not. But if you are angry, you've fallen to their traps. If you happened to die of anger, then no one can replace you, therefore, why is there a need to be angry.

This word of wisdom teaches us to be patience and calm. Never get angry over anything as it does not help in anything. In fact, anger only makes matter worse most of the time and will not help in solving the problem at hand.

Thus, isn't it better to be calm and think wisely before reacting??
After all, it's never wise to let emotion to control you, don't you think??

Furthermore, whether biologically or mentally, being angry can lead to stress and depression which eventually causes negative effects to our mind and body and also affects the people beside us. On the other side, being happy and cheerful will make us more healthy in mind and this may be a very important aspect to a successful life.

I've been requested to learn this by heart and put this to practise from time to time. I hope I can but then, I dare not promise anything but only try my best.

How about you? Do you agree with the words?


Anonymous said...

"All that spirits desire, spirits attain" Let this phrase motivate u.

Jellyfish said...

shackks, the above 2 are spams :)

indeed a saying with wisdom!

i agree with that. its just like basically when u r very angry with someone, but later found out that you have mistaken him, in an immediate instant, u felt paiseh.
*above is just an illustration/example*

so where is that anger gone? *poof* just like that. so its not worth to be angry, well... most of the time.

cheers bro :)

truth said...

Yes heard about that before. Always use it when I am mad at someone. Very effective.

Icey said...


papa, nice errr.."poem"

learn sumthin...


jonboy60 said...

well, i will start spamming ur blog... hehe... nice say too up there.

Chen said...

I don't think u r illiterate in Chinese leh.. U can speak good Chinese mah.. :D

Yeah, the sayings is very true :)

Shackks said...

My english is just so so only.

I'm in a chinese speaking environment but educated in english speaking school from primary to college...